Empowering Nigeria to Conquer Tuberculosis:
Our Commitment at Stop TB Partnership Nigeria

At Stop TB Partnership Nigeria, we stand united as a dynamic and diverse multi-stakeholder alliance, driven by a singular mission – to eradicate the devastating impact of Tuberculosis (TB) from our great nation. Committed to complementing governmental efforts, we tirelessly advocate for increased political commitment, support, and resources necessary to conquer this formidable health challenge.



We passionately champion the cause of TB eradication by advocating for unwavering political commitment at all levels of governance. Through strategic engagement with government bodies and parliamentarians, we strive to ensure that TB remains a top priority on the national health agenda.

Resource Mobilization

Recognizing the enormity of the TB challenge, we actively mobilize resources from a spectrum of stakeholders. From multi-lateral and bilateral organizations to development partners and the private sector, we create collaborative pathways to secure the financial support essential for comprehensive TB programs.

Multi-Sectoral Collaboration

We believe in the power of synergy. Our Partnership serves as a bridge, bringing together diverse stakeholders including academia, professional associations, civil society organizations, and the media. By fostering collaboration, we amplify our collective impact in the fight against TB.

Community Engagement

People affected by TB are at the heart of our mission. We actively involve and empower individuals and communities affected by TB, ensuring their voices are heard, and their needs are addressed in our comprehensive approach to end the TB scourge.

Our Projects

Together, we can create a TB-free Nigeria. Stop TB Partnership Nigeria invites you to join hands with us – whether you represent a governmental body, an organization, or are an individual passionate about making a difference. Let’s build a healthier, TB-free future for all Nigerians. Our commitment is resolute, and our actions are driven by the vision of a Nigeria where TB is a relic of the past.

Stop TB. Unite for a TB-Free Nigeria. 🇳🇬💙

Stop TB. Unite for a TB-Free Nigeria. 🇳🇬

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